Christianson Design is a one-woman studio.


One woman, that is, plus a lot of really talented people who collaborate with her on a project-by-project basis. So, depending on your company’s communication needs, you’ll get a full team of designer, project coordinator, illustrator, web coder, social media coach and photographer, or you’ll get… Mary (who does do some of those things, by the way). But, in either case, you will definitely get a dose of creative thinking, cool visuals and a nitpicker’s proofreading.

Who do we work with?

Clients include A2Ethics, Elsevier Publishing, Grapho LLC (Tomography), the Huron River Watershed Council, the Huron River Water Trail, Imperial Auto Service, and the University of Michigan (Institute for Social Research). And clients come to stay: Christianson Design focuses on long-term relationships, featuring continuous improvement and cost savings measures.

Mary’s credentials

Mary Christianson: Graphic designer with a BA, with honors, from the University of Michigan (History of Art). Interests in art, architecture, industrial design. A background in black and white photo processing, and a passion for Adobe PhotoShop. She believes in: information organization, clarity, color, water polo, reading, family (not in that order). Awards include: Ann Arbor Ad Club Addys, in silver and gold varieties; The Music Publishers’ Association Paul Revere Awards for Graphic Excellence; and The Society for Technical Communication awards. Mary also has a passion for the Hungarian language and playing the accordion and piano.

Get in touch

Call us for a consultation at (734) 761-5734 — Just ask for Mary.

If you are curious, if you are new to the graphic design world, or if you just have some time to spare, please review our standard terms and conditions.